February 29, 2012

Are we always meant to look before we leap?

Or are we meant to leap, and (as the saying goes) "the net will appear?"

Likely both.

There is a certain amount of simultaneous caution and faith required when change is in the wind.

If we spend too much time at the top of the cliff, we may find ourselves dizzied and intimidated by the landscape below.

We may find ourselves rooted in fear, unable to make the jump.

Appreciating the lay of the land before leaping, however, is an important part of the process.

We need to know what we are getting into. If we believe we are headed toward a body of water at the bottom of a quarry, when in reality we are moving full speed toward jagged rocks, we may find ourselves unexpectedly injured.

Perhaps lethally so.

But if we know that something will be there to impact, for the better, the trajectory of our leap, there is no point in belaboring our cliff stay.

Instead, we must take that proverbial "leap of faith."

No matter how frightened we feel.

Looking--for too long--or leaping--perhaps too soon: this is the conundrum.

Today, this 29th day of February, stop contemplating the conundrum and make the change you have been considering.

Take that leap.

Who knows? Perhaps, rather than falling (or even landing safely in the net), you will grow wings...



Antigua 2011


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