In the Know

December 12, 2011

We can't know what we don't know.

Or, at least, often this is true.

Sometimes we know exactly what we don't know--we just don't realize the extent of it.

It is in beginning to learn what we don't know that we come to understand how much more there is to know.

If we are smart, we will surround ourselves with people who know what we don't know.

Some of these individuals will know that we don't know what they know.

Some of them won't. Know, that is.

It is the ones who know what we don't know--and know that we don't know it--that can be the most helpful.

If these individuals are our "bunker buddies," they can be trusted to offer important insights, sort through difficulties and support us in our knowledge-gathering.

I have, since 1996, been a medical doctor. Since 2007 I have practiced acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In these areas, though I will always be learning, my skills are increasingly well-honed. I am somewhat "in the know."

In other areas I continue to gain skills. I am a relative multi-media newbie, for example, having just launched the "Dr. Lisa Radio Hour & Podcast" in September.

This has been a wild ride. We have gathered countless interesting guests, dedicated sponsors and loyal listeners over the past 13 episodes.

And I have come to realize what I didn't know, with the help of a highly competent group of friends and colleagues.

They have joined me in building a healing community, via blog, website and podcast. They have proven to be bunker buddies, beyond a doubt.

There are many things I still do not know; many things I may not ever know.


This, I know.






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