Both Hands

July 29, 2011

If you wish to embrace the bounty of the Universe, your arms best be open wide.

Which means both hands must be free.

In other words, let go.

Don't cling, even with one hand...

even with one pinkie...

to that which you believe may offer you a finger-hold of security.

Because it won't. 

All you will be doing is limiting your ability to embrace bounty. And the Universe is, truly, bountiful.

I have spent the past several years exploring the nature of bounty.  I have experienced the bounty of food.  I have experienced the bounty of the world in which I live.

I have experienced the bounty of love and relationships.

Through this bounty, I have known healing.  And about this bounty, I have written.

Thus this blog remains the "Bountiful Blog," and a version of this same "Bountiful Blog" will be featured shortly on the Spirituality & Health website.

I have had to let go, with all of my fingers, to a life that was no longer mine, to fully experience the bounty.

But I have been rewarded, many times over. A new blog connection. An expanded radio presence this fall. A recently redesigned office space. Fiercely loyal patients, colleagues, friends and family.

I merely needed to open my arms to the abundance.

I shared the open arms idea with a new friend I met last night at dinner. It was an idea I had heard from a patient of mine several months ago--when I was still clinging to a vestige of my former life.

Shortly after the conversation with my patient, I let go.  And have felt myself catapulting downward into the abyss of an unknown existence. Wracked, at times, with fear I have been.

But simultaneously experienced the sweet updraft of hope. Buoyancy, I have known.

Arms wide open, I have embraced the light streaming from above.

Fear. Hope. Desperation. Buoyancy.


Life, lived.

I am here to tell you this:

Let go, my friends. Open your arms.



light, streaming

Falmouth Town Landing, 2010

Are you living life with arms open? Leave a comment below, or send an email to feedback is most welcome and appreciated.

Ready to let go? We can help. Give our office a call to set up a consult: 207 847 9393.




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