Pakistani Delicacies & Farmers Market Fun

June 19, 2008

Cfmlogo_3 Abby & I like to spend Thursday afternoons engaging in mother/daughter activities.  Last week we went to the Cumberland Farmers Market. Though it is called the "Cumberland" Farmers Market, it is actually held in three different locations: Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth. The Yarmouth version of the CFM is held at Sacred Heart Church on Main Street in Yarmouth from 2:30-5:30 on Thursdays during the summer.

It's a little early in the season for produce, but we managed to scare up some wonderful goodies from our local vendors. Not only did we get some great Fathers Day gifts, but we also collected dinner for our whole family. Last week our purchases included:

  • potted lavender, oregano, thyme and mint from Valley View Farm (a bargain at $1.25 each). 
  • Pakistani food from Mulberry Delicacies.
  • a hydroponically grown tomato from Olivia's Garden.
  • a pumpkin whoopie pie from Stone's Bakery (North Yarmouth).
  • blueberry, cinnamon spice, fresh pine and garden soaps from Casco Bay Soap (Freeport).

Our Thursday CFM dinner was clearly a success.  As an appetizer, Abby created insalata Caprese by placing homegrown basil leaves and organic buffalo mozzarella slices atop sections of Olivia's tomato, sprinkling them lightly with sea salt and drizzling them with (high quality) balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  This was followed by garlic and plain nan (flatbread), dal (lentils), spiced chickpeas, basmati rice and cucumber/yogurt dip from Mulberry Delicacies.  For dessert we served small pieces of baklava (also from Mulberry Delicacies) and whoopie pie. 

We highly recommend the dal and chickpeas made by Pakistan native Latifa Raqib. The nan is also particularly delicious.  We managed to save some from our Thursday night meal and turn it into a Friday night bruschetta by brushing it lightly with homemade pesto and placing it in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. 

Needless to say, if you find yourself in Yarmouth on a Thursday evening this summer, a trip to the CFM at Sacred Heard is in order. Even if you don't have an Abby to share it with.

This Thursday may be even more exciting than last.  The kids finished school yesterday, and Sophie & I  will be picking up our first farmshare from New Elm Farm.  (Abby is at an end-of-the-year party.) We hear bok choy is in the offing. Hooray for early summer greens!   

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